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18 Sep 2014

How will mobile provider Three UK - solve this awful crisis?

Mother 4 Justice Three is a company working with Hong Kong. It's very sad their policy is neglectful and harmful, what could that purpose be?

UPDATE How are we supposed to have a sim card that's been lost for over a year? How to do anything without a phone? Horrible service, have been in touch with policy and CEO's via contacts. Heads should roll a lot Three, you are excessively negligent - where else does this negligence reflect? Wonder what my Canadian friends and family in England friends will think of this?

Hi there,

As promised I've responded as soon as I have received your email. However I will need to ask you to provide me with your full name as for security reasons we cannot accept EC. We will also need the last 6 digits on your SIM card please; again this is in place for your own security.

Once I have these details I will be able to provide you with the information requested and get this matter dealt with for you.

Many thanks,


Accenture and Three UK [a problem] 

Three Customer Complaints
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.
PO Box 333
G2 9AG


Re: Accenture and Three UK

Dear Sir

As a very good friend to some of the world's most influential investors, I am sorry to see Three has such a horribly poor service when it comes to technical issues like mine. The staff find it amusing that huge things are lost and harmed? What sort of NPD mindset are you purveying by proxy? What is the purpose, what does it serve, that you do not respond with a fix to emergency emails? How do you know that many thousands of lives may have been lost due your negligence?

Your service is leaving sick people without access to a phone. I have needed my PUK code for 48 hours, [snipped detail], your staff are disgustingly negligent mickey-takers, your service should be stopped and I have been forced to be in contact with OFCOM about this awful service, are you part of Accenture still? Awful, negligent show

Yours sincerely

E.C.Lucye Robillard

[snip] AYE