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7 Oct 2014

Corruption, RBKC, Conservatives - William Hague

As a post script to my last post, William Hague called for the running of children's homes to be taken away from local authorities and handed over to churches, charities and businesses. Yet the Conservatives in RBKC own/owned them all anyway, and RBKC is where Conservative HQ is. Hypocrisy? Corruption? You decide.  Meanwhile, how to address the victims? 

LBC Discussing Care Home Abuse - I have the Solution but they won't let me on! #Reasons to despise James O'brien #2

Turned on LBC to hear the knight from the midlands discussing care-home abuse and setting self up as the martyr as per. The thing is, he never does it right or convincingly as he won't reason with good/passionate/interesting callers WITHOUT TRYING TO WIN THE POINT AT ANY COST - or let them finish, and the staff that take calls (nice sweet young white chicks) clearly don't care if they could help disabled kids nor the very vulnerable elderly nor do they care to stop them from being abused (always disregarding that they too will be fragile one day) let alone sexually abused kids in care, what kind of people are they?  So James, this is for you - one more person gets abused today because of the bad training of LBC staff not to accept such calls nor to relay messages, nor to read texts or tweets or LBC Facebook pages, nor pass on messages from callers who do not wish to go on air - all of which indicates from behaviour that your show is staffed by NPD's (see Sam Vaknin) . My phone is also to blame, a fkn Huawei (mobile phone) is stuck, for some very mysterious reason, on 'straight to voicemail' (reason number #999 not to buy from China or Sainsbury's this week) and there is no fix, so you can blame it all on the Chinese James. I expect you will, in due course. Still, nice that Farage has a spot now, only fair (same thing with Cristo and Petrie Hosken) 

26 Sep 2014

Bill Maloney - part of the abuse? Or is he, like the rest of the NPD/Psycho's - REALLY good, 99% of the time? Why won't he contact me? He knows of my evidence? Will he keep avoiding, knowing I am super-excellent at spotting liars, am trained. Trained for 8 years. I know who lies and who does not. Come on Bill. Let's hear it.

From a troll 'relative' of Bill Maloney

'don't hurt Bill Maloney's feelings or he will cover up your abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' saw your video on u tube about bill Maloney ,his my brother and his no liar ,how dare you say that ,noticed u have put about 10 vidios up in last week ,whose upset you ,BILL ONLY ANSWERS emails he so wishs like im sure u do ,his a very busy man ,inbox me and ill post on to him ,but after that utube doubt very much if he will give you time of day by'''

So don't hurt Bill Maloney's feelings or he will cover up mass child abuse? Really/ He's that good? 

19 Sep 2014

Care home abuse 'probably happened' - RBKC - is Moira Gibb also into the horned one? Look at the sour-faced old cow! Say it as you see it kids!

Mother 4 Justice - Elizabeth Robillard blogs and shares truth and information

Thursday, 16 December, 1999, 12:18 GMT Care home abuse 'probably happened'

barlavington manorBarlavington Manor was closed in 1984

Claims that children were physically and sexually abused at a care home in West Sussex are "in all probablity substantially true", according to social services investigators.

The allegations centre on the privately-run Barlavington Manor care home, in Petworth, which took in children from the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea between 1966 and 1984.

reportThe report says the allegations are probably true

A report commissioned by Kensington and Chelsea Council says the home's proprietors, John and Anna Ellis - who are now both dead - and at least one member of staff, were not suitable people to look after children.

The 145-page document - which was made public at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall on Thursday - reports the findings of an inquiry into the home.

The investigation was sparked when 12 former residents claimed they had been assaulted and forced to endure mental abuse, hardship and neglect which went undetected by social workers.

Children used for unpaid labour

The 12 said Mr and Mrs Ellis verbally humiliated the children in their care, provided an unacceptably low standard of food and clothing, and used children as virtual slave labourers.

They are alleged to have used the money paid to them by social services to maintain their own lavish lifestyle.

At least one member of the home's staff is accused of sexual abuse.

Other complaints included inappropriate action taken over children's sexual development, with girls as young as nine being put on the pill or being given contraceptive injections.

Girls needs for sanitary towels or tampons were either ignored, or dealt with publicly in a way that was cruel and embarrassing, it found.

The report concluded that all 12 former residents considered their lives were at best blighted and at worst ruined by their experiences at Barlavington Manor.

moira gibb, director of social servicesMoira Gibb: "Local authorities didn't have the power or the duty to inspect children's homes"

Former resident John, 33, who lived at Barlavington Manor for just under 10 years, told the BBC: "I just haven't functioned as an adult at all. I haven't kept a job for more than six months, and I have been in and out of hospital and on medication."

Now a group of former residents are considering legal action against the council.

More than 30 chidlren were sent to the home by Kensington and Chelsea borough council. Barlavington ceased to be a care home in 1984.

In response to the allegations, Conservative leader William Hague has called for the running of children's homes to be taken away from local authorities and handed over to churches, charities and businesses.

He said a "fundamental rethink" of the care system was needed following critical inquiries into council-run homes in Hackney, Staffordshire and North Wales.

Current director of social services at Kensington and Chelsea council, Moira Gibb, told the BBC that when the abuse took place, private children's homes were not subject to inspections.

Homes were not inspected then

She said: "The report highlights that the failures were on the part of the proprietors of Barlavington Manor.

"Local authorities didn't have the power or the duty to inspect children's homes, that's come in much later."

Mr Ellis died of a brain tumour and his wife died in a road accident.


Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 12:06:31 +0000
Subject: Re: This is your country!
 []alive Barbara - want to live a bit for a I have to go if poss- look at this from

However, in July 2005, Chief Executive Moira Gibb (former executive director of housing and social services in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where she famously called for "an obsession with the front line" both in her own department and nationally. "We need to demonstrate this obsession, not just in what we say but in everything we do." ) tried to stop Council officers going public with allegations and concerns.

At the time, then new Liberal Democrat chief Councillor Keith Moffitt added: “It goes to show how meaningless the awards that have been heaped on Camden are".

In March 2007, Moira Gibb (who is still in post) again tried to silence public criticism, this time from Councillor Keith Sedgwick who was calling for the sackings of housing department staff over the fatal Southampton Road estate wall collapse in January 2007, which it is alleged occurred despite previously reported poor construction and maintenance.

Again, in 2007, Head of Finance, John Baptiste was imprisoned for the long term undiscovered theft from vulnerable Camden residents over lengthy periods. Local press has frequently reported such incidents. Also in 2007, theft from the deceased by Camden Council property clearance teams have been reported. For instance, evidence that antiques cleared from a dying 92-year-old’s flat were later sold has been uncovered. No known action has been taken against any of the participants, and nor has the Council indicated any changes in staff, internal structure or practice to prevent such abuses.
It's where Moira Gibb started it all - in 1997 - talking about taking a 'front line attack' - the LABOUR government have her nowas head of the task-force to change things (FFS)  - 

12 Sep 2014

VERY Alarming news from the NSPCC - how many are there? Who will put this RIGHT?! Time to pool resources NOW

Children missing from care:

(NSPCC to me) ''Unfortunately it is not known for certain how many looked after children go missing. Data is gathered by the police and by the Department for Education but there are discrepancies between the two sources.

A Parliamentary Inquiry in 2012 noted that it was impossible to know the true extent of the problem (in England) due to erratic data collection. The Department for Education (DfE) recorded 930 instances of children going missing from care, but police data shows an estimated 10,000. There are various possible reasons for this discrepancy. Local authorities only have to report on children for whom they have parental responsibility, so this does not include children placed in their area from another authority. The DfE statistics only record children who went missing for more than 24 hours.

You can read more in our briefing about the Inquiry findings here:
The full Inquiry report can be accessed here:

NSPCC research: The NSPCC sent a Freedom of Information request to police forces in England and Wales in 2013 to find out how cases of children missing from local authority care were reported to them.

“A Freedom of Information request from the NSPCC revealed that last year police received, on average, more than 75 reports a day involving nearly 7,900 youngsters, many of who were aged 13-17, although some were as young as six. At least 2959 of the children went missing more than once with some absconding on 35 occasions. Some weren't seen for more than a week and one force reported that six had still not been found.

However this is still believed to be a drastic under-estimate of the scale of the problem as it is thought less than half of all cases are reported to police and only 29 of the forces responded in full to the FOI.

Latest figures from the Department for Education put the number of children who went missing from care at under 1000 - a vast difference to that supplied by police.”
Number of children missing from care incidents reported to police = 28,123
Number of children missing = 7,885
Number of children who went missing more than once = 2959
Number of 13-17-year-olds reported missing = 3297.

Read more about these figures in our press release from 2013:

You may also be interested in this NSPCC research report on children missing from care:
Ofsted also produced a report on children missing from care in 2013:

Suicides and deaths amongst looked after children:

We are not aware that the Government publish a statistic for the number of children who die whilst in local authority care.

Suicides: a 2012 Government report estimated that “Looked After Children and care leavers are between four and five times more likely to attempt suicide in adulthood”

Serious case reviews may give an indication of the number of deaths (including those by suicide) for children in local authority care. Case reviews are listed in our library catalogue. However, there may be circumstances in which a case review is not released into the public domain and our case review repository is not comprehensive, particularly for older reports. Please have a look at our case review web page for further information:

Our library catalogue can be searched at: In the Advanced search you can limit your search to “case reviews” by the Media type. The following keywords will be of use to find reviews about child deaths amongst children in care: “infant deaths”, “child deaths’, suicide, “children in care”. If you wish us to carry out a search of serious case reviews for you, please let us know.

The most recent biennial analysis of serious case reviews for England doesn't have a figure for the number of serious case reviews involving looked after children, although it does have one for the number of children who were not living at home at the time of the incident. This includes cases when children were in hospital or mother and baby units so is not directly comparable with earlier figures:

An analysis of serious case reviews in England from 2009-11 show that 13% of incidents took place whilst the child was not living at home or with relatives. (NB: this figure includes deaths as well as serious injury/harm).
Source: Brandon, Marian, Sidebotham, Peter, Bailey, Sue and Belderson, Pippa, Hawley, Carol, Ellis, Catherine and Megson, Matthew (2012) New learning from serious case reviews: a two year report for 2009-2011. London: Department for Education (DFE).

An analysis of serious case reviews in England showed that 10% (2003-05) and 13% (2005-07) related to a child in care. (NB: this figure includes deaths as well as serious injury/harm).
Sources: Brandon, Marian, Bailey, Sue and Belderson, Pippa (2010) Building on the learning from serious case reviews: a two-year analysis of child protection database notifications 2007-2009 (PDF) . London: Department of Education:
Brandon, Marian, Bailey, Sue, Belderson, Pippa, Gardner, Ruth, Sidebotham, Peter, Dodsworth, Jane, Warren, Catherine and Black, Jane (2009) Understanding serious case reviews and their impact: a biennial analysis of serious case reviews 2005-2007 (PDF) . [London]: Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF):

[snopped] '...Our factsheet on child killings may also be of interest in explaining what we do know more generally from the data on child deaths:

The latest Department for Education statistics on the outcomes of children looked after by local authorities can be found here (although as mentioned, this does not include information on deaths):

You may wish to make a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for Education to see if the data you require is gathered centrally. If not, then you would probably need to contact each of the Local Safeguarding Children Boards in England and ask them.

I do hope this information is of use to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.

Kind regards

Duty Librarian
NSPCC Information Service ''