4 Feb 2015

Drug damage to blog

Since my 3 week assessment in a mental health unit recently, I've been forced to take Risperidone. They have robbed me of many things including creativity, drive and opinion.  This is why blog posts are now thin on the ground. The tablets leave you feeling 'flat' and without any ambition at all. They have also left me without a quality of life. I have no appetite and am forced to make myself eat. They have left me without ability to sleep. I go go off for about an hour but the rest of the time I am simply a zombie. I miss my opinionated self and ability to think for myself and my positive thinking, though I realise at times I can be, or was, acutely unrealistic about some things. I feel very useless now and at my age, that isn't too great. So this is for the few regular readers who kindly check out my posts regularly. Thanks and maybe one day, I'll be back.

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