28 Oct 2014

Oscar knew - Wilde man of Love + Topiary Cat

Oh Oscar, you said 'The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.'   Angela Grant reminded me today that when I think of some Canadian friends (not all, ,just a few) I remember your words

'America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between. Oscar Wilde  (had he visited Montreal? Maybe Canada (then) was excluded  in this context?)

Absolutely. The reason some of them crave success in materialism, is due to the fact they don't own their culture and history.  They cast it aside like an unwanted garment when they should be treasuring their roots, instead opting for control and power over choosing  emotive, empathic, factual, loving, quality of life. NPD power trippers. Abused kids of NPD parents, I digress.

 Imagine an Italian artist saying 'I don't even speak Italian;' (seriously this was said) oh right - so fuck Michelangelo and the Roman Empire and all it means - all that history - all those people who died without having known any truth in their lives - we need to live to celebrate our identity and rich history (as each country has one) as well as supporting children and encouraging them to love poetry and writing and encourage nice crafts like painting and crotchet and embroidery, photography and all that nice stuff we all love to do.

 We do not have to live in servitude and slavery any more. Middle ages are over. Reenactments of history are a big part of the future and should be bigged up big style. Ancient history is your right, claim it, dig up the old gods and other characters and read their stories, make friends with archeologist's and travellers.

two dogs of leaves shaped by garden shears

The world is huge dudes  and there is more to it than a nice sandy beach and a pristine control-freak garden. Having said that, topiary is a riot. Venice is magnificent - so is Rome - so is most of the Med - hidden Ireland, Scotland  and Wales is in for a renewed interest - the illuminated like to holiday in places up there - white sandy Caribbean style beaches house Illuminati money and fortunes - all the best showbiz types have a place up there too - beautiful ambient and sensual landlscapes and air - ahh the secrets we have to keep. Never mind losers. You'll learn the hard way.

Best work is done by people who love their jobs - people who love to help out, make the best medical  people and so on, love your work or find something you love to do.  Before the aliens come to kidnap your dinner, get it done dodo.

Mr. Rifkind would know this quote quite well

'If a man needs an elaborate tombstone in order to remain in the memory of his country, it is clear that his living at all was an act of absolute superfluity. -Oscar Wilde

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